Many encounters, many lessons

I met many people, many places; everything seems to be a written puzzle note directing me to something, may be to discover something. Everything and everyone had something to offer me and I had in exchange smiles and love for them. They taught me many things, showed live demo of many instances, inspired me, corrected me and polished me. And one day they bid farewell, relocated far away from me to take a path which is different from mine.

It took some time for me to get acquainted with all people who became good acquaintances and friends. But sending them off to follow the path they own was always difficult for me.  I know those were inevitable! And the next note was ready for me somewhere, and my path was changing too though I was not realizing.

Of course everything happens for a reason. But the very thought of how well things are planned for us makes me feel content. Is it like any program already written like if we do this, a condition satisfy and things like that? I always wondered about this phenomenon which is so perfectly made. The flow of life never stops never get bugs in between, though we feel it like tangled somewhere, at times. 


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