Words and the magic

I very much wanted to write down my thoughts these days. But I couldn't since I failed to find a fresh paper there at my hostel room and then I thought about blogging....but ya....I felt a bit lazy that time. I always like to scribble about and someday...going through those and getting wondered like is it me who wrote all those and then making some editing here and there.
The funniest thing is that nowadays I am getting that impulse to write down my thoughts when I am at office. I can't help it when I feel like emptying my thoughts!And as somewhere I have written down, " Come out my thoughts, come and reside here with words put on"...I am feeling light and relaxed now. This is the real magic of words. Words are always magical to me; creating magic in me and my life!!! I just love words which takes me to god and heaven, to sky and stars, to everything that I have seen and heard & to everything that is imagined.  


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