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Yes, that piece of story was waiting to reach me!

I like browsing through the news and other articles. There’s nothing special about it and is of course educative. But what if I am getting that temptation when I am very much busy with work! I can’t stop doing it and feel like making it part of my habit and practicing it every day for some specified time. But then, the very next day I find it needless to browse in the middle of my work since it deviates me.  Browsing and researching are innate in my work. So it happens sometimes to click some stories unintentionally, which make me sit and wonder about; yes, those special stories which is otherwise unknown to me. And these I would like to call the “golden clicks” sleeping somewhere in the emptiness and waking up some time between the unconscious flipping and hitting. I love these golden clicks and the stories within!  

Fridays- Always excited!!!

I was born on a Friday in November. So Fridays have kind of special place in my mind. Then in school it was the happiest day as it being the last working day. And then in college it was a day of excitement; waiting for the last working day. Time just flew away and gone are the days which made me sit at home all days and do my stuff. Then was the work phase of life. I wanted everyday to be a Friday coz I was away from home and wanted that excitement and eagerness to make myself stay cheerful at my hostel. The companies I have been working for are based in the Middle East region and so I am hardly busy these days. Saturdays seem to be a special working day behind the scenes coz on Saturdays we sign out a few hours earlier and rush out. Then I travel back, ya, it's always a happy journey to discover me back in the world I own. That’s it, like the Jeevathma joining the Paramathma! Peace and Bliss! Like before, as a kid, even today I think like “Monday aavalle”.

Need a solution!

Today we happened to see a dirty eve teaser! Ouch, seeing these kinds of fellow itself is a curse in disguise! He was all staring at us as if he had never seen a female ever in his life. But he couldn't stand staring along when we paused and devil stared at him.   Though we continued our work smoothly as always, my mind held on to that thought. How pathetic it is to live as a woman sometimes? She is haunted always! What’s the thing that God forgot to give us? We too need a weapon to destruct our enemies, which is so natural and inbuilt in us. A man who is anomalous in his thoughts will always be like that, change hardly comes into his being and same is the case of the coward society. They think it’s not their problem to deal with it. Women are not safe anywhere and the stories in the media nowadays are even scarier. If you have any issue at your work place you have the right to complain, but you can use your right only if the employer is capable of handling it in