Fridays- Always excited!!!

I was born on a Friday in November. So Fridays have kind of special place in my mind. Then in school it was the happiest day as it being the last working day. And then in college it was a day of excitement; waiting for the last working day. Time just flew away and gone are the days which made me sit at home all days and do my stuff.

Then was the work phase of life. I wanted everyday to be a Friday coz I was away from home and wanted that excitement and eagerness to make
myself stay cheerful at my hostel. The companies I have been working for are based in the Middle East region and so I am hardly busy these days. Saturdays seem to be a special working day behind the scenes coz on Saturdays we sign out a few hours earlier and rush out. Then I travel back, ya, it's always a happy journey to discover me back in the world I own. That’s it, like the Jeevathma joining the Paramathma! Peace and Bliss! Like before, as a kid, even today I think like “Monday aavalle”.
 ;) :)


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