Need a solution!

Today we happened to see a dirty eve teaser! Ouch, seeing these kinds of fellow itself is a curse in disguise! He was all staring at us as if he had never seen a female ever in his life. But he couldn't stand staring along when we paused and devil stared at him.  

Though we continued our work smoothly as always, my mind held on to that thought. How pathetic it is to live as a woman sometimes? She is haunted always! What’s the thing that God forgot to give us? We too need a weapon to destruct our enemies, which is so natural and inbuilt in us. A man who is anomalous in his thoughts will always be like that, change hardly comes into his being and same is the case of the coward society. They think it’s not their problem to deal with it.

Women are not safe anywhere and the stories in the media nowadays are even scarier. If you have any issue at your work place you have the right to complain, but you can use your right only if the employer is capable of handling it in a most justified manner. What if the employer behaves as if he is from another planet and speaks like he can’t deal with the situation since it’s the employee’s problem that he behaved odd? So what might have the employer thought while setting up the organisation; to employ men alone? Sometimes the employer(or people in general) can even blame you for your complaint! He He! Funny that its always the victim's fault especially if the victim is a female! And most recently the top story in medias where about a Malayalam film star insulted by a politician while sharing a dais.  

There are some heroes whom I admire from history! They won't be reborn! But love to see some leaders(both male and female) everywhere who respect women and womanhood! 


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