Yes, that piece of story was waiting to reach me!

I like browsing through the news and other articles. There’s nothing special about it and is of course educative. But what if I am getting that temptation when I am very much busy with work! I can’t stop doing it and feel like making it part of my habit and practicing it every day for some specified time. But then, the very next day I find it needless to browse in the middle of my work since it deviates me.  Browsing and researching are innate in my work. So it happens sometimes to click some stories unintentionally, which make me sit and wonder about; yes, those special stories which is otherwise unknown to me. And these I would like to call the “golden clicks” sleeping somewhere in the emptiness and waking up some time between the unconscious flipping and hitting.

I love these golden clicks and the stories within!  


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