On the path of pescetarianism

Celebrating a year of pescetarianism!I never thought of becoming a pescetarian, but it all happened without me getting a prior notice of that instinct. I was fond of chicken though I tried keeping away from the flesh of bigger animals (say beef and others). I remember me enjoying each bite of the chunk. I don’t know how I could easily get detached from this favorite food item. I feel better on this diet and not even getting reminded that I was a carnivore once upon a time. I think I have completely forgotten the taste of those spicy dishes and so staying calm when those are in front of me with a “please eat me” attitude. 

It’s some magic, I believe, some act of my inner voice.......I just obeyed it without a single doubt coz there is no point doubting that voice which won't express something that’s not right for me!


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