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A razor story

Sunaina is someone who is so charming and she likes adventures. Chatting was her favorite past time.  Someday she happened to meet a guy online who has  similar tastes  that  of hers. Chatting with him was a great relief for her from her monotonous life. Though Sunaina had not seen Aryan in person she had seen many of his pictures. He was so charming with a clean shaved face and bright eyes. Sunaina even doubted if he was some distant relative of the crown prince of Dubai .  Their friendship grew day by day. One day she decided to meet him but she was a bit confused to have a scheduled meeting. So on a Sunday she went near his hostel and stood at the near by bus stop.  So many guys passed by; she waited long and finally she saw someone in Aryan’s dress coming out; but he was not like the one she saw in the pictures. Aryan had got an unshaven face which resembled that of a filmy villain. Sunaina was all disappointed and she began doubting if his character would also be misleading.

And it Healed!

They were waiting for their children to arrive to get a relief from the suffocating situation they were going through. Jaya and Prakash were in no mood to speak to each other as they were before. Both were feeling lonely and annoyed without the company of their children who were working far away. It’s their anniversary coming up and their children would be soon joining the celebrations. But the couple; only they knew how hard it would be to act as a happy couple in front of all though it’s to make their children believe. At least they would be happy seeing their parents together and happy. That day, after attending the phone calls of their children they fought each other telling this and that. An angry Prakash accidently dropped the photo depicting their happy times which smashed to pieces. Both Jaya and Prakash rushed to it. Prakash felt sorry for what happened and he clasped Jaya’s hands and asked for pardon. That gentle touch did something magical.  Suddenly they were taken ba

Colored in Blue

Blue was not my favorite color, And I did dislike everything bluish, Except the sky and the ocean. You but adored the royal blue, And by the time I started admiring it, You were but lost somewhere in between, And all I could treasure was those royal memories, Of the sky blues and the ocean blues. Wanna read another poem? Here's one, A Beep in the Mind  Image Credits: Pixabay 

It's Mean

I get annoyed when I hear people talking things that are baseless about women. I recently heard some people mentioning their son who is 29 years old as too young and a lady who is 27 as way too old. How can this be justified? I keep thinking about this horrible situation where(people consider) man is young in all his ages, be it at 20s, 30s, 40s and even at 50s and a woman is old by her mid 20s. I had in an older post told about how people irritate me by making me conscious about my age by highlighting my gender. I am not speaking about those who are open minded among the zillions of people, but I am deeply disappointed by how the society treat woman,in general.  Do you think that a woman in her mid 30s or 40s looks physically unattractive or mentally weak? How come someone be old or young by their gender? Whatever the gender be, a person becomes sharper and bolder with time. The physique and psyche depends on how it's treated and taken care of. It’s always better to put age

Hide & Seek

The school closed for summer vacations. Vishnu came to spend her vacation with her grandparents. She liked being there surrounded by many little friends of her age. “Grandpa now I am a big girl, I will be in 1 st   STD”, Vishnu said smiling. Her Grandpa came home that evening with gifts for her and the items for pooja that was to be held there at home, that evening. At the backyard, all the kids joined Vishnu to play hide and seek that evening. Maya closed her eyes and everyone rushed in search for their secret hiding.  After sometime Maya called out, “Vishnu, you are caught. Come out.” Maya screamed aloud in glee, that Vishnu’s Grandpa came running with anger. The pooja was about to begin and Vishnu was still immersed in her game and all the kids making noises. “Vishnu, come here” Grandpa shouted and before she could believe, she found herself beaten up by her dear Grandpa. A shattered Vishnu ran home weeping. “I am not the one who screamed,

Jiva - A horse story

There were many and so I  didn't  notice him at first. I felt great sitting in the lush lawns muttering and poking fun at each other, take a stroll uphill and explore the place in the evening. But when I stood there for a long time, lost in the beauty of those hills, I slowly get to notice him. I liked this huge horse; something was special about him and obviously he stood out from the rest. I looked into his eyes; he winked as if he had greeted me. Actually I felt like riding on it for once. We  didn't  have much time to spend there to give it a try but I told this wish to one of my friends. The horse-man overheard me and he offered me a ride on his horse. I said no. The funniest part was that the horse was nodding its head too in a “wanna ride?” fashion, as if it had read my mind. Yes, I spoke in my mother tongue. Of course animals can understand us, humans, but how come this horse without being a “mallu” in any kind!!! Or that talented one in


There was not much to adore from the recent trip of mine. Though it lacked excitements there were occasions which made me think about things which I never thought of. Actually I was not getting entertained, but was getting educated. I was deeply disturbed and couldn't give my attention to any of the things which entertained my team. The clean, clear expanse of water was one of the spots which restored my frame of mind. Here is a glimpse of one of the scenes. I am wordless. Let the picture speak for itself. :)

When Hunger Calls

I feel hungry these days, every two hours, that too at office hours. I take food lightly (not too much) for meals and so during morning and evening (between-meal time) I feel like munching something that can squelch my hunger which suddenly bumps up. An instant solution for this will be a chocolate, biscuit or anything loaded with sugar which not only suppress the hunger calls but also keeps it at bay for some time. But this cannot be included in the daily diet coz you know it’s not healthy a habit especially in the case of people like me who work long hours on computers. At home it’s not a big deal, there are lot many options, or I would say there won't be a chance for those hunger pangs to appear. But at office I needed something that can be gobbled and gulped. You might have also experienced a hollow feeling in your stomach. Haven’t you? I have been searching for solutions and thought of sharing some of my tips to fight hunger pangs  here.  It worked for me, hope

Teachers Do Wonders

It was after a long time I was seeing him. He was all happy to meet me there and so did I, to see him bless my friend, on the day so auspicious to her. He was proud of her for everything except one. He doesn't like luxury wedding and so was not much satisfied by how she carried herself that day. She is such a simple and humble girl but yeah, weddings are always gala events. He asked me if I would stand like that with all the embellishments on my special day. I don’t like luxury weddings for sure. I do like jewelries a lot though I don’t have that fancy for gold like many of the South Indians. But I kept mum. Well I didn't tell about whom I am speaking. You might have got a hint from the title. He is one of my dearest teachers at school who made me feel that learning language is lot more than learning grammar and building vocabulary. I always loved learning more about my mother tongue during my school days, though I had have read English books more. An

They Speak Memories

Stamp collection was my only hobby and I don’t remember when I moved into it or from where I got into that idea. And I don’t remember when I gave it a pause too. But checking my nicely arranged albums always makes me feel better. I was never a serious philatelist but mine was more a thematic collection which I loved doing for sheer enjoyment without worrying about the other details. I used to write a lot of letters when I was a kid. My Dad was working abroad and I loved writing to him every two weeks. Also to my friends (at school) who visited their parents working in other States during our vacation. I wrote to them telling this and that. J I saved all those stamps from their reply mails. I didn't like writing in inland letter coz it lacks that nice part of it! “How can a letter be complete without a stamp,” I used to think. I can’t recollect the last time I got a letter by post. Now, I rarely send emails also, the only thing that dominates are Whats

Again in Love!

From Kadalundi Kadavu Bridge  Ocean is always an inspiration. I was always excited to go to the beach and have fun in the salty water when I was a child. And now rather than playing (I am a kid now also when I’m at the beach) I like to have a conversation with the sea. Yes, it can sense my thoughts and lessen my worries by its magical rhythm. I have heard of musical therapy, but sometimes I even doubt if the music from the sea is nature’s therapy. Recently I had a fun time, this time not at the beach, but over the bridge. At the first glance itself something magical was going on. I never had seen the sea, this much loud. Since its monsoon season, rain also came for my company, and then it was all fun. And... I fell in love with the Ocean! I couldn't ignore the sea calling me and I just splashed into its wavy hands and like a flower I just floated, I don’t remember how long! By the time I was in a trance, my colleagues called me telling it’s time to go back! And

A Beep In The Mind

Sharing here the title poem from the collection, "Beeps In The Mind", one of my personal favorites!                                               Know not what the feeling is, But can energize and refresh me. It’s filling my whole mind, And it gushes out, I, fear. In leisures, I noticed him, And for some attraction, I observed, The looks and his behavior, Someday, I knew, the same play, from his part. A feel of something, hush, about to break, But just held it tight by us, I know not the cause, of him, being observant, But the feel of his looks, which resembles, Paves path for my attraction, And is that of the boy in my dream.                                  

Between Me and Matrimony

“What’s your age, Aishu?”, This is the question I hear nowadays more than frequent and that too in a very disturbing tone. It's not because that they need to know my age, but to make me conscious about it. Ya, I’ m going through one of the difficult phases in life. Everyone wanted to get me married (except me I would say). I am in no hurry to get married. If you ask me why, I don’t have any specific reason to quote, but I just feel like this now. But you know what, I am a firm believer in God’s timing and for everyone's’ peace of mind I told okay for the search and the hunt began (and is still on). Image Source: Pixabay And then, came the other bigger problem- the horoscope aka the astrological problem . My family is not an orthodox kind and we are not particular about  checking horoscopes. Even if we exclude this part, the guys' parents were found strict about it. And now, you might have understood what the problem is; yes, there’s some kind


Swept away by the clouds, Drifted away by the winds, I can only feel myself floating. Free and happy, I’m, Above the earth, over the ocean And beyond my command. I wish to splash in the coolest of the waters, And transpire into a sweeping wave And then with wings fully spread, Vanish into the highest of the skies;   With an urge to meet her,  She who is the princess of all that I visualize.

I feel thankful

The day before yesterday I came to witness something which made me think deep about it. I am all moved by the thought of giving. This divine act makes a start by relighting our thoughts, we are then immersed in, which is then followed by things beyond our direct influence: the flow of love and kindness and also the flow of gratitude and happiness. I remember the day I first got to know the happiness as a giver. Before that I knew only the emotion of a taker and not that of a soulful giver. Be it a helping hand, a supporting voice or a pair of kind eyes ready to offer a help, I believe it as something out of our conscious control. The kindness can be from someone you least expected, lesser known or from someone completely unfamiliar to you. I am told that God is present in all his creations and I believe that he passes on his messages from heart to heart according to the flow of life, in the form of that divine emotion called love; which by no means require a special link apart

Good, Better, Best

I like to recollect my memories at times, by reading the notes I wrote in the past. When I go through those memories which were sweet, it makes me feel good. And if it’s something that has become irreversible, makes me feel guilty. But all these always made me stronger, helped me make a point out of it and embrace a change in my attitude. Through my notes I can experience the changes happened to me and is kind of inspiration to be more positive. I know I have been getting transformed . In between, I was put to tests, I lost, I won, but I was always a better person. (It’s this universal syllabus of life that is the most flawless one.  We are not given any specific books to refer, we need to feed ourselves with the knowledge and sometimes we get some opportunities  to meet some precious people to study some precious things. And then those exams without a notice. But it's not a matter if we are passed or failed, its sure that we have studied something which will never be forgo

I like being silly sometimes

Silly things and silly thoughts make me happy sometimes. Today when I saw our office cab(our cute black Mahindra Scorpio) fully wrapped up in dust after a long trip without getting a mug of water to shower in, people started making fun of us finding it dusty. I don't know why I like this vehicle a lot, the kind of bonding I have with it and yes, memories too! I felt like scribbling something on its, dusty back so that no one gets a chance to comment but can of course read the answer, before they ask. So when everyone was away I scribbled, “I like brown, so I’m dusty!" But when I was done with the work, it started speaking it mind:            I’m not pale as you think,            I don’t like brown either,            Coz I’m born black.            And I don’t want to shower in a stream of water,            Coz I like it done by the wind and the sun! P.S: But yeah, somebody caught me scribbling! He He! :P

Who are you?

He asked me to meet you, I thought you were my friend. He asked me to imagine you,  I thought you were my dream.  He asked you to console me,  I thought you were my angel. He asked me to share my stories with you, I thought you were my love. You were but none of these to me,  Just a hand to take me there,  Through that path of love,  And to leave me there safe,  In the hands of destiny, To color it with the phrases I scribbled. 

I know I’m in love with you

I visited that same old home that day, That which cradled my childhood, Themed my stories and eased my journey. And with all those precious memories I was served sumptuous as before. I couldn't but stay long, on the top, over the moon, Coz I did know that I’m in love with you!

Didn't you promise?

“God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.” I happened to see this quote yesterday, shared by someone in G+ and suddenly hooked with some memories. The above quote must be true. I remember some of my acquaintances (who are more like my friends, at least I thought so) who were with me and now disappeared losing their selves somewhere in the dark. Might be they themselves were not aware that the promises they gave are not going to be kept. The time sea with its mighty waves has just carried those away from their thoughts. In due cause I know I will start forgetting them and their promises. And I feel like asking sometimes, why they were brought in my life? No I can’t question it, coz everyone has a certain role in others life, big or small; might be that single point they conveyed can be a big lesson for me to refer. Memories are lovely, but I stopped running after them. Peace!


That splendid scene was rejuvenating. I very much wanted to see it when I least thought about it; my biggest crush of all times! The sun in its rising phase, between the hills, over the clouds; the moment I always waited for. It’s indeed a magic scene of nature through the magic wand of universe; in its very form that ‘little Aaanjaneya’ had a fancy for!