Didn't you promise?

“God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.”
I happened to see this quote yesterday, shared by someone in G+ and suddenly hooked with some memories. The above quote must be true. I remember some of my acquaintances (who are more like my friends, at least I thought so) who were with me and now disappeared losing their selves somewhere in the dark.

Might be they themselves were not aware that the promises they gave are not going to be kept. The time sea with its mighty waves has just carried those away from their thoughts. In due cause I know I will start forgetting them and their promises. And I feel like asking sometimes, why they were brought in my life? No I can’t question it, coz everyone has a certain role in others life, big or small; might be that single point they conveyed can be a big lesson for me to refer.

Memories are lovely, but I stopped running after them. Peace!


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