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Good, Better, Best

I like to recollect my memories at times, by reading the notes I wrote in the past. When I go through those memories which were sweet, it makes me feel good. And if it’s something that has become irreversible, makes me feel guilty. But all these always made me stronger, helped me make a point out of it and embrace a change in my attitude. Through my notes I can experience the changes happened to me and is kind of inspiration to be more positive. I know I have been getting transformed . In between, I was put to tests, I lost, I won, but I was always a better person. (It’s this universal syllabus of life that is the most flawless one.  We are not given any specific books to refer, we need to feed ourselves with the knowledge and sometimes we get some opportunities  to meet some precious people to study some precious things. And then those exams without a notice. But it's not a matter if we are passed or failed, its sure that we have studied something which will never be forgo

I like being silly sometimes

Silly things and silly thoughts make me happy sometimes. Today when I saw our office cab(our cute black Mahindra Scorpio) fully wrapped up in dust after a long trip without getting a mug of water to shower in, people started making fun of us finding it dusty. I don't know why I like this vehicle a lot, the kind of bonding I have with it and yes, memories too! I felt like scribbling something on its, dusty back so that no one gets a chance to comment but can of course read the answer, before they ask. So when everyone was away I scribbled, “I like brown, so I’m dusty!" But when I was done with the work, it started speaking it mind:            I’m not pale as you think,            I don’t like brown either,            Coz I’m born black.            And I don’t want to shower in a stream of water,            Coz I like it done by the wind and the sun! P.S: But yeah, somebody caught me scribbling! He He! :P

Who are you?

He asked me to meet you, I thought you were my friend. He asked me to imagine you,  I thought you were my dream.  He asked you to console me,  I thought you were my angel. He asked me to share my stories with you, I thought you were my love. You were but none of these to me,  Just a hand to take me there,  Through that path of love,  And to leave me there safe,  In the hands of destiny, To color it with the phrases I scribbled. 

I know I’m in love with you

I visited that same old home that day, That which cradled my childhood, Themed my stories and eased my journey. And with all those precious memories I was served sumptuous as before. I couldn't but stay long, on the top, over the moon, Coz I did know that I’m in love with you!