Good, Better, Best

I like to recollect my memories at times, by reading the notes I wrote in the past. When I go through those memories which were sweet, it makes me feel good. And if it’s something that has become irreversible, makes me feel guilty. But all these always made me stronger, helped me make a point out of it and embrace a change in my attitude.

Through my notes I can experience the changes happened to me and is kind of inspiration to be more positive. I know I have been getting transformed . In between, I was put to tests, I lost, I won, but I was always a better person.

(It’s this universal syllabus of life that is the most flawless one.  We are not given any specific books to refer, we need to feed ourselves with the knowledge and sometimes we get some opportunities  to meet some precious people to study some precious things. And then those exams without a notice. But it's not a matter if we are passed or failed, its sure that we have studied something which will never be forgotten.)

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Till your good is better and your better is best”.
 --St. Jerome


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    1. Facebook for writing down thoughts??? didn't get you!

  2. The funny thing is that the most beautiful memories you experienced may hurt you after a long time while recollecting them. The same way hard things may lit a smile on your lips. Memories are the most beautiful creation of God, leading us to a hopeful life. They are powerful enough to make changes on our life, the one who trying to recollect memories is actually cross examining his experience.Without memories life will be meaningless.Refresh your memories and go ahead......


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