I like being silly sometimes

Silly things and silly thoughts make me happy sometimes. Today when I saw our office cab(our cute black Mahindra Scorpio) fully wrapped up in dust after a long trip without getting a mug of water to shower in, people started making fun of us finding it dusty. I don't know why I like this vehicle a lot, the kind of bonding I have with it and yes, memories too! I felt like scribbling something on its, dusty back so that no one gets a chance to comment but can of course read the answer, before they ask. So when everyone was away I scribbled, “I like brown, so I’m dusty!"

But when I was done with the work, it started speaking it mind:

           I’m not pale as you think,
           I don’t like brown either,
           Coz I’m born black.
           And I don’t want to shower in a stream of water,
           Coz I like it done by the wind and the sun!

P.S: But yeah, somebody caught me scribbling! He He! :P


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