I feel thankful

The day before yesterday I came to witness something which made me think deep about it. I am all moved by the thought of giving. This divine act makes a start by relighting our thoughts, we are then immersed in, which is then followed by things beyond our direct influence: the flow of love and kindness and also the flow of gratitude and happiness.

I remember the day I first got to know the happiness as a giver. Before that I knew only the emotion of a taker and not that of a soulful giver. Be it a helping hand, a supporting voice or a pair of kind eyes ready to offer a help, I believe it as something out of our conscious control. The kindness can be from someone you least expected, lesser known or from someone completely unfamiliar to you.

I am told that God is present in all his creations and I believe that he passes on his messages from heart to heart according to the flow of life, in the form of that divine emotion called love; which by no means require a special link apart from that cosmic connection that is found in anything and everything in the universe.  


  1. Aiswarya

    Just read your blog. You are right. The Divine connects anything and everything.
    Because everything flows from It and It is in everything.

    Keep writing.


  2. my father told me about you. he tells me that one day you will become a great person

    janhara nazar age 16

    1. Really? :P Sweet to hear this from you, Janhara. Thank you!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwAYpLVyeFU

    check it out..


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