Between Me and Matrimony

“What’s your age, Aishu?”, This is the question I hear nowadays more than frequent and that too in a very disturbing tone. It's not because that they need to know my age, but to make me conscious about it. Ya, I’ m going through one of the difficult phases in life. Everyone wanted to get me married (except me I would say). I am in no hurry to get married. If you ask me why, I don’t have any specific reason to quote, but I just feel like this now. But you know what, I am a firm believer in God’s timing and for everyone's’ peace of mind I told okay for the search and the hunt began (and is still on).

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And then, came the other bigger problem- the horoscope aka the astrological problem. My family is not an orthodox kind and we are not particular about  checking horoscopes. Even if we exclude this part, the guys' parents were found strict about it. And now, you might have understood what the problem is; yes, there’s some kind of dosham in my horoscope. Many astrologers advised my parents to get me a match by a careful selection abide by the rules of astrological match making but at the same time they stated that if the girl happens to like someone very much, then there's no need for even checking (I was not able to grasp this part but I liked that). Might be they meant that people's likes and dislikes have some connection with astrology; I don't know. Anyway I couldn't meet that someone as mentioned by the astrologers till date.

So many matrimony sites, so many marriage brokers, everything crawled through their databases to get a match for me. But the whole army failed! Many proposals came as a result of this whole process but none of it fell in place for one reason or the other. Now people started looking me as if I belong to some unknown category (they would never know that I am that special angel, I feel pity ;) :D). I was still happy but my dear ones were not.  I am loved by all for reasons unknown and for the same reasons they are troubled too, now and I can very much understand it. I am not blaming any of the dosham present in my horoscope, let them be there if they want (without disturbing my life I would say), they had helped me too at some point by chucking out what was against my wishes. ;)

I don't know how people decide their life according to the verdict of someone who says he knows reading peoples' future/destiny. Astrologer can't be God. I know I am living in the 21st century, but still haunted by so many facts that go odd with the changes happened in time. I’m in no way my age. I’m in no way my horoscope. O world........please stop this nonsense!!! And yes, I will get married once I feel like I have found the one I have been searching for. But I am not ready to choose someone just because his horoscope matches with mine. Let the horoscope speak its language, I speak mine. I believe in karma and not horoscope. For me the thing that matters is the life and deed of a person. 

P.S: I never felt like I am old...I'm  enjoying my life :) It was people's attitude I was talking about. I got some messages telling that I am young. So here I am clarifying.   :) :) :)

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  1. "Let the horoscope speak its language, I speak mine", most powerful and meaning full words which I liked in this post. Live your life in your way :)

  2. Thanks for those big smiles.......Arun and Jithin! Hope you liked the post. :P

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    1. :) Would have been nice if you commented with your name.


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