Again in Love!

From Kadalundi Kadavu Bridge 

Ocean is always an inspiration. I was always excited to go to the beach and have fun in the salty water when I was a child. And now rather than playing (I am a kid now also when I’m at the beach) I like to have a conversation with the sea. Yes, it can sense my thoughts and lessen my worries by its magical rhythm. I have heard of musical therapy, but sometimes I even doubt if the music from the sea is nature’s therapy. Recently I had a fun time, this time not at the beach, but over the bridge. At the first glance itself something magical was going on. I never had seen the sea, this much loud. Since its monsoon season, rain also came for my company, and then it was all fun. And... I fell in love with the Ocean! I couldn't ignore the sea calling me and I just splashed into its wavy hands and like a flower I just floated, I don’t remember how long! By the time I was in a trance, my colleagues called me telling it’s time to go back!

And I miss you!

Here’s is another post about my previous encounter.


  1. Like the narration and your passion towards what you write. You just need to write more often to get even better. All the best!

    1. Thank You, Naveen! Ya, true, I need to find time to blog more often!


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