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They Speak Memories

Stamp collection was my only hobby and I don’t remember when I moved into it or from where I got into that idea. And I don’t remember when I gave it a pause too. But checking my nicely arranged albums always makes me feel better. I was never a serious philatelist but mine was more a thematic collection which I loved doing for sheer enjoyment without worrying about the other details. I used to write a lot of letters when I was a kid. My Dad was working abroad and I loved writing to him every two weeks. Also to my friends (at school) who visited their parents working in other States during our vacation. I wrote to them telling this and that. J I saved all those stamps from their reply mails. I didn't like writing in inland letter coz it lacks that nice part of it! “How can a letter be complete without a stamp,” I used to think. I can’t recollect the last time I got a letter by post. Now, I rarely send emails also, the only thing that dominates are Whats