They Speak Memories

Stamp collection was my only hobby and I don’t remember when I moved into it or from where I got into that idea. And I don’t remember when I gave it a pause too. But checking my nicely arranged albums always makes me feel better. I was never a serious philatelist but mine was more a thematic collection which I loved doing for sheer enjoyment without worrying about the other details.

I used to write a lot of letters when I was a kid. My Dad was working abroad and I loved writing to him every two weeks. Also to my friends (at school) who visited their parents working in other States during our vacation. I wrote to them telling this and that. J I saved all those stamps from their reply mails. I didn't like writing in inland letter coz it lacks that nice part of it! “How can a letter be complete without a stamp,” I used to think.

I can’t recollect the last time I got a letter by post. Now, I rarely send emails also, the only thing that dominates are Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps. The world is changing and so is communication. Messages get delivered faster these days and is of course easier, but feeling nostalgic about those letters and greeting cards. I have saved my greeting cards also! And stamps, how can I continue with that hobby? I know there are lot of sellers available online with many kinds of used stamps, but I don’t want to try that.  I never spent even a penny buying stamps, mine was purely a save and exchange kind and I am particular about that.

Each stamp in my album has some story to tell and retell. Yes, they speak memories. Hope postal stamps won’t become a history someday like the ancestor messenger; the telegram service.


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