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Jiva - A horse story

There were many and so I  didn't  notice him at first. I felt great sitting in the lush lawns muttering and poking fun at each other, take a stroll uphill and explore the place in the evening. But when I stood there for a long time, lost in the beauty of those hills, I slowly get to notice him. I liked this huge horse; something was special about him and obviously he stood out from the rest. I looked into his eyes; he winked as if he had greeted me. Actually I felt like riding on it for once. We  didn't  have much time to spend there to give it a try but I told this wish to one of my friends. The horse-man overheard me and he offered me a ride on his horse. I said no. The funniest part was that the horse was nodding its head too in a “wanna ride?” fashion, as if it had read my mind. Yes, I spoke in my mother tongue. Of course animals can understand us, humans, but how come this horse without being a “mallu” in any kind!!! Or that talented one in


There was not much to adore from the recent trip of mine. Though it lacked excitements there were occasions which made me think about things which I never thought of. Actually I was not getting entertained, but was getting educated. I was deeply disturbed and couldn't give my attention to any of the things which entertained my team. The clean, clear expanse of water was one of the spots which restored my frame of mind. Here is a glimpse of one of the scenes. I am wordless. Let the picture speak for itself. :)

When Hunger Calls

I feel hungry these days, every two hours, that too at office hours. I take food lightly (not too much) for meals and so during morning and evening (between-meal time) I feel like munching something that can squelch my hunger which suddenly bumps up. An instant solution for this will be a chocolate, biscuit or anything loaded with sugar which not only suppress the hunger calls but also keeps it at bay for some time. But this cannot be included in the daily diet coz you know it’s not healthy a habit especially in the case of people like me who work long hours on computers. At home it’s not a big deal, there are lot many options, or I would say there won't be a chance for those hunger pangs to appear. But at office I needed something that can be gobbled and gulped. You might have also experienced a hollow feeling in your stomach. Haven’t you? I have been searching for solutions and thought of sharing some of my tips to fight hunger pangs  here.  It worked for me, hope

Teachers Do Wonders

It was after a long time I was seeing him. He was all happy to meet me there and so did I, to see him bless my friend, on the day so auspicious to her. He was proud of her for everything except one. He doesn't like luxury wedding and so was not much satisfied by how she carried herself that day. She is such a simple and humble girl but yeah, weddings are always gala events. He asked me if I would stand like that with all the embellishments on my special day. I don’t like luxury weddings for sure. I do like jewelries a lot though I don’t have that fancy for gold like many of the South Indians. But I kept mum. Well I didn't tell about whom I am speaking. You might have got a hint from the title. He is one of my dearest teachers at school who made me feel that learning language is lot more than learning grammar and building vocabulary. I always loved learning more about my mother tongue during my school days, though I had have read English books more. An