Teachers Do Wonders

It was after a long time I was seeing him. He was all happy to meet me there and so did I, to see him bless my friend, on the day so auspicious to her. He was proud of her for everything except one. He doesn't like luxury wedding and so was not much satisfied by how she carried herself that day. She is such a simple and humble girl but yeah, weddings are always gala events. He asked me if I would stand like that with all the embellishments on my special day. I don’t like luxury weddings for sure. I do like jewelries a lot though I don’t have that fancy for gold like many of the South Indians. But I kept mum.

Well I didn't tell about whom I am speaking. You might have got a hint from the title. He is one of my dearest teachers at school who made me feel that learning language is lot more than learning grammar and building vocabulary. I always loved learning more about my mother tongue during my school days, though I had have read English books more. And that day also he spoke mostly about books, authors, his literary works, some great quotes and more. I prefer listening to speaking especially when it comes to something related to literature and the related stuff.

But I felt sad about myself, when he mentioned about something that he wanted me to achieve. I felt guilty and told him that I feel sorry about it. But his reply was really surprising and was powerful enough to bring a big smile on my face. He asked me, “Why should you regret if you have a heart full of poems?”  Yes, poems are my soul. And may be only he could tell like that so cool! I don't know if you will be able to imagine how comforting and energizing those words were!

I was an introvert child at school, looking into the infinity at my free hours, rather than chit chatting with friends. :D And whenever he saw me isolated in their company, he made me speak to them ! :D He wanted me to get socialized it seems. And I always did so just to please him. I know you won't believe this now if you know me personally. :)

Teachers can do wonders. And there are many who had remarkable roles in my life (The list is not small, so I don't want to write about each and everything here in this small blog post, may be in some other posts). I had met some namesake teachers also from my college. But those are 'made blurred' episodes of life, they are not my role models in anyway. A kid is blessed if he/she gets good teachers in  some phase of life. A teacher who cares for his students is of course a gem who is rare among the lots!

Happy Teachers Day to all the lovely teachers ! You are just awesome! 

Who is your favorite teacher? Do you have a similar story? Then do share. 


  1. Hey,
    Its a good post. It took me to my school days for a while.
    I would like to know, if you have any plan to write your story about "from Introvert to social' :)


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