There was not much to adore from the recent trip of mine. Though it lacked excitements there were occasions which made me think about things which I never thought of. Actually I was not getting entertained, but was getting educated. I was deeply disturbed and couldn't give my attention to any of the things which entertained my team.

The clean, clear expanse of water was one of the spots which restored my frame of mind. Here is a glimpse of one of the scenes. I am wordless. Let the picture speak for itself. :)


  1. Now that is a very pretty picture. Serenity and well being.

    Thanks for fixing the comments feature so I could comment. Now if only the captch would go away, I'd be a happy, happy man. Why install barriers to entry? Do you wish to turn away people? Make it harder for them to interact with you? To have a conversation? I probably won't be back to comment if I have to jump through so many hoops just to have a conversation.

    If you are worried about spam, surely Blogspot catches most spam and you ave the option to delete any that somehow get through.

    1. And I appreciate for commenting, neglecting all those barriers. :) Hope u r happy now.


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