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Hide & Seek

The school closed for summer vacations. Vishnu came to spend her vacation with her grandparents. She liked being there surrounded by many little friends of her age. “Grandpa now I am a big girl, I will be in 1 st   STD”, Vishnu said smiling. Her Grandpa came home that evening with gifts for her and the items for pooja that was to be held there at home, that evening. At the backyard, all the kids joined Vishnu to play hide and seek that evening. Maya closed her eyes and everyone rushed in search for their secret hiding.  After sometime Maya called out, “Vishnu, you are caught. Come out.” Maya screamed aloud in glee, that Vishnu’s Grandpa came running with anger. The pooja was about to begin and Vishnu was still immersed in her game and all the kids making noises. “Vishnu, come here” Grandpa shouted and before she could believe, she found herself beaten up by her dear Grandpa. A shattered Vishnu ran home weeping. “I am not the one who screamed,