And it Healed!

They were waiting for their children to arrive to get a relief from the suffocating situation they were going through. Jaya and Prakash were in no mood to speak to each other as they were before. Both were feeling lonely and annoyed without the company of their children who were working far away. It’s their anniversary coming up and their children would be soon joining the celebrations. But the couple; only they knew how hard it would be to act as a happy couple in front of all though it’s to make their children believe. At least they would be happy seeing their parents together and happy.

That day, after attending the phone calls of their children they fought each other telling this and that. An angry Prakash accidently dropped the photo depicting their happy times which smashed to pieces. Both Jaya and Prakash rushed to it. Prakash felt sorry for what happened and he clasped Jaya’s hands and asked for pardon. That gentle touch did something magical.  Suddenly they were taken back to memories.

Prakash and Jaya spend most of their leisure hours in front of their TVs. Both have separate TVs so that they can change channels according to their tastes without bothering others. That day both were silent thinking about their lost love. They browsed through channels to channels to kill the time, sometimes not even realizing its just ads they were watching as if  seriously absorbed in some top story.  Lot many ads flashed on TV but, #BringBackTheTouch TV commercial of Parachute advanced body lotion caught their attention. It was because, that ad vividly conveyed what they were going through; the story of a touch that changed the life a couple. 

Jaya and Prakash thought about their life, their life before the dirty quarrel and the ego pulling them back from each other. They once again realized their love for each other which they thought had faded away forever. Love heals, yeah, sometimes as a lovely touch!

P.S: This post has been written as a part of Indi-Happy hours on Indiblogger in association with Parachute #BringBackTheTouch


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