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I get annoyed when I hear people talking things that are baseless about women. I recently heard some people mentioning their son who is 29 years old as too young and a lady who is 27 as way too old. How can this be justified? I keep thinking about this horrible situation where(people consider) man is young in all his ages, be it at 20s, 30s, 40s and even at 50s and a woman is old by her mid 20s. I had in an older post told about how people irritate me by making me conscious about my age by highlighting my gender. I am not speaking about those who are open minded among the zillions of people, but I am deeply disappointed by how the society treat woman,in general. 

Do you think that a woman in her mid 30s or 40s looks physically unattractive or mentally weak? How come someone be old or young by their gender? Whatever the gender be, a person becomes sharper and bolder with time. The physique and psyche depends on how it's treated and taken care of. It’s always better to put age to the bottom of any criteria and let the other factors determine the charm and charisma of a person. I remember having read author, Preeti Shenoy’s article on a similar topic, but about women and relationships. The article condemn the people's mindset telling, ” If a man falls in love with a woman much younger, he’s a sugar daddy who will protect her. If a woman falls for a younger man, she’s a wicked witch who got lucky.”

I think I should share it here. Here’s the link. Do read.


I love being a woman but sad by the fact that women and womanhood getting disregarded, discriminated and disrespected. 

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  1. He he :D .. It is a weird stupid world Aiswarya. I have never understood the concept of age. Every year as time passes they say you are an year older - No one says mature or intelligent :P. It is as if age is just a number. Or maybe it is :)


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