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A razor story

Sunaina is someone who is so charming and she likes adventures. Chatting was her favorite past time.  Someday she happened to meet a guy online who has  similar tastes  that  of hers. Chatting with him was a great relief for her from her monotonous life. Though Sunaina had not seen Aryan in person she had seen many of his pictures. He was so charming with a clean shaved face and bright eyes. Sunaina even doubted if he was some distant relative of the crown prince of Dubai .  Their friendship grew day by day. One day she decided to meet him but she was a bit confused to have a scheduled meeting. So on a Sunday she went near his hostel and stood at the near by bus stop.  So many guys passed by; she waited long and finally she saw someone in Aryan’s dress coming out; but he was not like the one she saw in the pictures. Aryan had got an unshaven face which resembled that of a filmy villain. Sunaina was all disappointed and she began doubting if his character would also be misleading.