A razor story

Sunaina is someone who is so charming and she likes adventures. Chatting was her favorite past time.  Someday she happened to meet a guy online who has  similar tastes that of hers. Chatting with him was a great relief for her from her monotonous life. Though Sunaina had not seen Aryan in person she had seen many of his pictures. He was so charming with a clean shaved face and bright eyes. Sunaina even doubted if he was some distant relative of the crown prince of Dubai.  Their friendship grew day by day.

One day she decided to meet him but she was a bit confused to have a scheduled meeting. So on a Sunday she went near his hostel and stood at the near by bus stop.  So many guys passed by; she waited long and finally she saw someone in Aryan’s dress coming out; but he was not like the one she saw in the pictures. Aryan had got an unshaven face which resembled that of a filmy villain. Sunaina was all disappointed and she began doubting if his character would also be misleading.

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Suddenly Aryan noticed Sunaina and he waved his hands at her smiling. But she behaved as if she didn't recognize him and walked away.  Aryan felt so bad but he followed her. He stopped when he saw her getting inside a house which he confirmed as hers. "What about sending her an offline message?", he thought. It was then he remembered her mentioning how scared she was of people with beard and mustache. 
The very next day Aryan appeared in front of Sunaina with a cute, neatly shaved face.  “Hi”, he greeted Sunaina and she was pleased to meet the kind of Aryan she wished to meet! Aryan somehow rescued himself from an odd bearded disaster. Don't spoil any chance to earn an impression just because of an unshaven face! :D

P.S: This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette.

Thank you Sankeerth Shinde, 'The Spark Unseen', for tagging me. I would like to tag Vinitha Dileep who blogs at 'Void Thoughts' to take up this simple challenge.


  1. The reality is entirely different kinda.Never consume the creativity ,a gift of God ,as just a toy in the piercing hands of multinationals .God bless you .thank you

  2. Thank you for posting your opinion.. Jkalwaye. The story is inspired from real life. I know Sunaina and Aryan though the names are fake and the climax is little changed too. The competition was just a prompt to think and craft. I don't wanna write stories to please brands that too in my personal blog. Your point is gud ....but here the story is real...though the last paragraph is kinda fiction.

  3. haha, good story! Got out in the nick of time :D

  4. Here is my post, Aiswarya: http://thevoidthoughts.com/2014/12/19/the-new-day/

  5. Hi
    I have tagged you in Blogadda Gillette activity in the blog post http://kreativestrokes.com/willyoushave-challenge-3/


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