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30 December 2015

Year End Post of 2015

New Year is just a day away and I was thinking of taking some New Year resolution. I was lazy to keep my last year resolution going but somehow I have kept my word to myself though stammered at times. And then, I found some quotes on New Year, saved in my system. I had a look at those again. Indeed inspiring and so thought of sharing it with you.

  • Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'
                   -          Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • Make New Year's goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you're interested in fully living life in the year to come.
                  -      Melody Beattie

  •   I know. I'm lazy. But I made myself a New Year’s resolution that I would write myself something really special. Which means I have 'til December, right?
                  -          Catherine O'Hara

  •   Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
                  -         Helen Keller

  •   Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let every new year find you a better man.
                - Benjamin Franklin
  •   Another fresh new year is here . . 
 Another year to live!
            To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
            To love and laugh and give!

                 -  William Arthur Ward

  •  All of us every single year, we are a different person. I do not think we are the same person all our lives.
                 - Steven Spielberg
  •    “For a new year to bring you something new, make a move, like a butterfly tearing its cocoon! Make a move!”
                - Mehmet Murat ildan

  •  "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
               - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ready with your resolutions? Wishing You all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

26 December 2015

Foggy Tale

I like poetic tales. Do you like too? Here’s a story I tried scribbling. Hope you would like it. :)

The cold morning breeze,
And the quiver in my voice,
Wanted you to lend a warm cuddle.
Before you could offer one,
I was but dragged away,
By the blind folding fog,
From all those trails,
That leaded to you.

Later, when the breeze,
Whispered your name in my ears,
I was standing alone,
With a fear hitherto unknown.
Soon I started listening,
To each of the voices,
Of those natural powers,
That revealed the short cuts to your smile.
And... All smiles!

Credits: Chris Sardegna

23 December 2015

All I want

I waited long till the nightfall, 
For you to come as a cute little breeze,
I tried raising my thin leafy hands,
For you to clasp around,
To make you known of my tale in green, 
All I want is to conquer you, 
For the millionth of a second, 
To make you feel the bliss of stillness.  

Image Credits: Pixabay

17 December 2015

Seasons Smile

Seasons come,
Seasons go,
Past is forgotten, present is forgiven.
Memories get aged, get ignored,
Dreams are born, get matured 
And with every season new,
A magic is unveiled.

For the lengthier days,  
I wait for the winter to pass by,
Never but dislike the non-harsh coldness.

I enjoy the yellow and mellow,
But not the dry browns.
And then, the clouds come down, 
To bring in a soothing green.

When the soil is muddy and at times, awash,
Vanishes the tough and noisy monsoon,
Blessing with a lovely spring,
And it’s then I smile full-hearted.
(Like anything plantlike in Kerala.) 
:) :) :)

Image Credits: Picjumbo

26 November 2015

Butterfly Love

From Butterfly Park, Bannerghatta

Butterflies spreading their freedom in the air,
Their journey to some unknown gardens,
Their pranks and their magical aspects,
Always, sources of gusto, to me.
I have a fancy to follow them,
To find out their sleeps,
On the laps of some sleepy leaves,
And in the hearts of some drooped flowers.

Far away from my sight, are their homes,
But loving to chase their coloured thoughts,
I do have a mind with wings, and coloured dreams,
And I wish to meet them in the sky, some day,
Near the bosom of some unknown,
But highly fragrant flower.

07 October 2015


Near the bosom of that mind locking place,
The breeze truthing things I longed to hear,
My mind dashed to the unreal,
With a pain so severe that of a bird in a cage.

I should leave the place soon,
To be in another zone of time,
She reminded.
I would rather tie my thoughts on you,
To wander along with you,
Taking hold of the time zone you own;
Real or unreal, I whispered.

Let me take a little delight,
In the moment I am in,
Realising the realness of the unreal,
Before I get woken up by my busy self.

22 September 2015

Let Those Flowers Speak!

I am back to make this space active. So how you have been doing? Thank God! I had a scrumptious Onam! Sharing here some of those moments. Hope you have read my previous Onam experiences in my last post. Nowadays I find it hard to find time to pour out my thoughts. But once I am here to scribble, its bliss! See you soon! For now let those flowers speak!

25 August 2015

My Onam........@Office

I am scribbling this from office. It’s time to pack up and rush back home. But I have no plans to leave without finishing this post. Everyone is busy discussing about our plans to celebrate Onam, yes office celebrations. But something is disturbing me inside. What’s it? Sometimes even I won’t be able to answer these questions!

Onam is of course something auspicious which energizes the spirit. Scrumptious it is in every aspect and I love the way it delights my taste buds with that pure taste of Kerala. And I love the way I eagerly wait for Mahabali, yes I didn't lose that childlike spirit to believe, trust and learn from stories and also to be happy & excited at the news that someone I knew only from stories is all his way to visit me. But these are all something which I can connect with Onam at home. Onam celebration actually start from office which will be conducted one or two days before Tiruvonam and from then we will be in full vigor to celebrate.

Office Onams are also good, sometimes not so good and some other times the best. I had been through all these types. Now what makes me feel little bad are those memories! I have in a corner of my mind the memories of an Onam, the one I celebrated with all my heart. Even today I brag about it whenever I get a chance to; such a lovely one! ;) The speciality of that Onam and the related office celebrations was the presence of one of my besties. Oh! I can’t forget those days, where I would go and stay at her home to get my Kerala traditional saree draped by her Mom so beautifully. Now I should confess that I didn’t know draping a saree, but I liked it done by my Mom or someone for me. As I have told before I was living in hostels and it was difficult for me to think about getting those draped by someone there, getting to office by hoping rather than walking, getting into those super rush buses full of people who would be on their way to celebrate equally uneasy like me and then finally getting to office with a face so perplexed thinking “Hoo… I am not comfortable in this stiff two piece(set mundu)”. Without my bestie, those days would never have been golden! With her I was super duper comfortable and her Mom had always ensured if I looked neat and beautiful. I have heard somewhere draping a Sari is an art and this aunty (my bestie’s Mom) scores full marks in that.

I miss those days. And I don’t think another office celebration can beat it off and win my heart. But still I will be celebrating Onam this time also. Tomorrow we will have our celebration. May be it would not be the best but I want it to be a good one. What do you think? I will keep you updated with my stories after Onam.

Started your celebrations? I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Onam!

30 July 2015

Thoughts Speak

girl and the sea

Standing at the sea side, in a corner so lonely,
Far-off the woods and beside the tumbling waves,
My mind compels me often; to go forward,
To move bold, with my dreams,
Leaving behind those crying emotions,
Detaching myself from the burdens,
Of all the burns that my heart has gone through!

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Image credits: Pixabay

06 April 2015

Writing Soothes

Writing is my job, it's my passion and it's my hobby. I find solace in writing down my thoughts roaming inside my head or else they would intrude my peaceful living which is more spiritual and imaginative inside. It is rather a cathartic act that eases me up and when everything is written down, it is peace inside out. It has been like this, since the time I could quilt words and frame sentences.  But then, it was rather a secret process, where I would hide my notes away from the sight and side of others. 

It’s not easy to filter out the zillions of thoughts bubbling out of the slowly flowing emotions. Sometimes there can be wonderful ideas which need the ultimate attention and care. If I am not turning down the not so serious kind of ideas, the ones that should be churned out will get mixed up and you know what will happen; I would lose them forever or me, myself, would need to do a rescue mission out of the total chaos to rediscover them! 

I know what you are thinking now. What am I going to tell, right? Yes, here I didn't tell anything specific; I have no stories or poems to share for now, but still the pleasure; the relief I gained by this phrasing, where I traveled with the words made me feel good and it’s beyond what I can tell and convince. I do this whenever I want to coz it soothes  and as I said before this has resulted in piling up six-seven huge books containing my writings. But here by writing I meant random scribbling. This is a natural process which is like having a conversation with the soul I am made up of,  seeking her opinion, sometimes speaking up to convince her and sometimes quoting her down and following her subconsciously. It's sheer bliss!

Image Credits: Pixabay 

26 March 2015

Up above

I was somewhat sleepy by the time we reached there though it was beforenoon. It was so sunny that without my sunglass I couldn't clearly see anothing; my eyelids were flickering.  But the breeze was fully loaded with moisture. There were so many goats and sheep grazing in the grass. When they saw us they took a pause from their sumptuous ritual. Another small cute island like place was found adjoining the dam area, surrounded by the water reservoir. 


It looked like an abandoned park. Here’s a picture from that venue. When I climbed those steps, I felt like “I'm reaching near the clouds”, but a few steps were missing!!! When I looked back, the clouds were rushing near, as if they had to attend some guest. It was so beautiful to watch the surroundings from up above the steps that I didn't feel like coming down! We had a good time there and by the time we visited other more attractive places we happened to forget this small one. But the photos we took from there were awesome. And what remains in my memory and my phone memory are those steps that lead to the sky. And I found those too, those remaining steps; yes they are built imaginary. Clouds will come down to form those for the one who discover this secret! ;)

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20 February 2015

The Little Blessing

It’s been a while now, that I am in friendship with her; the little cute Tulasi plant (holy Basel). I happened to notice her during a summer where we were suffering from the kind of drought which I never had experienced before. We had to fetch water and take it to our house. Thank God, for the big office cab we had! We were praying to the rain god to shower life on us! Everything was dried out; plants and grasses were already dead and only big trees survived.

I was always taught to worship Tulasi.  Apart from that I always had a special affection and love for her. She gave me the first-aid to a centipede’s bite which I had to go though, many times in my life and many a time as a relief to my breathing problem when I get cold. There’s no disease that she couldn't cure and she always blessed me with her magical cure whenever I wanted. As you know, she is the best home remedy for anything and everything.

Now seeing a little Tulasi plant getting dried out I felt extremely bad and guilty. I had only so much of water to serve myself. But I decided to give her a cup of water everyday. The more devoted I was, the happier we both became. And with me she also overcame the drought and then came, the monsoon. By then she had grown out to be a big Tulasi plant. Now she is there smiling at me everyday. It’s really a bliss to see her every morning and then go to office. And when my roommates are away, it’s just her who gives me a company in which I cherish a lot. I love watching her smiling at me and I should admit that she has that power to rejuvenate the soul. For me she is not just a plant but she’s “Tulasi Maharani” and hope you all know the story behind her birth, the one explained in Hindu mythology. I can feel the blessing, I am surrounded by. I can feel the love she showers, the positive energy she spreads; it’s just awesome, no words to express.

“Jai Tulasi Maharani!”

Image Credits: Pixabay 

12 February 2015

Here's the reason why!

Many are asking me why I am not relocating my work life from Kozhikode. And it’s a question I also thought about some time ago. And once; two years before to be exact, I stepped out of this location (it’s a techno/ industrial park) in search of a new place. I was actually fed up with the work life here. I believe in all those cosmic powers that got me back to the same place but in a different company which made me change all my beliefs about this particular sector where there are so many companies working more or less in the same style and work culture. I was so disappointed about how employees are valued & treated and how their talents are utilized. I believe that it's the employees who makes a company and so their happiness matters a lot. 

I should say that the current company where I work at has all those I wished for or anyone like me (who doesn't have that luxury of going home daily after work) wishes for; be it accommodation, cook, cab and so on. Also it is employee friendly with a liberal (not very liberal) office atmosphere. The funniest part is that everyone here is a foodie and I like those (I’m not a foodie though :P) treat- time/fun time too. My college-mates and some former colleagues keep on asking me if I’m still working in the the same place, though I changed my previous company and why I’m not ready to shift to the metros for better opportunities. I never understood what they actually meant when they say it out of sympathy. Of course metros give good career options and better payment, I agree.  

But what if I am in love with the place? I was that kind of a person who likes travelling a lot. But when I was a kid, I didn't get that opportunity to do that except during my school or college vacations. I was not that familiar with this place too; the lovely Kozhikode, though I had been making visits. When I started working here I had no idea where to shop, where to dine, from where to catch a  bus to a particular location, which hospital to go and many other things. I was but lucky! I got many friends who reside here and I started exploring the place with them. The more I explored, the more I liked. Now I too have my favorite shops, restaurants, theater etc. though there is lot more to explore.

Changes are but inevitable and I know I would leave this place and people some day. When I quit my first company, I missed only my friends but this time I’m sure that I will be missing the whole office and even the tiniest thing here that makes me smile. I just love my work and everything that matters to my work and living! And yeah, I will be here for some more time, hopefully!

P.S: My opinions expressed here are strictly confined to SMEs in Kozhikode.

Image Credits: Pixabay

18 January 2015

That's no fun

When someone called me from Blogadda telling there’s an activity running on it called, “Is laundry only a woman's job?” and if I would like to participate, the first thing that came to my mind was an incident that irritated me the most. I have been thinking about writing about it and now by seeing the statistics by AC Nielsen, I think I should write about it since it proved right from my experience.

I have always felt some kind of (sometimes passive)gender bias everywhere except my home. But when I came to know that women are treated in equal even at their home I felt really bad. I was once traveling with my colleagues and while chit chatting, one guy asked everyone which washing machine is better within his budget which he specified. He continued telling that his sister got married and his mom is all alone so he don't want her to do his works too and so he wanted to buy a washing machine since it would at least lessen her laundry work at home. Spontaneously, the other guys who were already married gave him a suggestion,hearing which I was all shocked. And their suggestion was, “ If laundry is your problem,why do you need a washing machine ? You just get married know?. Then the girl will do not only the laundries but all your house hold chores too. He He! Even if there are machines it's women who need to use it. See our dresses are washed and ironed by our wives. We never wash our clothes!”

Their wives wash and iron for them coz they consider their husbands work as their own and do it out of love and not because that women are born for doing laundries and other house hold works. Men who eat in plates can wash it themselves and one who wear clothes can wash and iron it for themselves. As the survey reports most men consider it as women's work and 77%  of Indian men depend on women for doing the laundry and then boast themselves being independent. How  ridiculous!!!

Ariel’s survey conducted by AC Nielsen

I think it's women's fault too. At home by sharing our work not only lessen our household burden but also we are giving an opportunity for men to know how nice it would be to do their little tasks and being independent at household tasks. It will be the best understanding they can do to their office going wives. And if she is a home-maker too, she can do lot many creative things to cherish herself rather than getting buried under all these house hold activities and responsibilities if all those can be shared, at least a little. Doing one's own laundry or doing it for your loved one is not a thing that diminishes your quality or prestige. It's something commendable. Isn't it? And it's definitely not a  task that requires a women's inborn abilities or  is a women-only activity, rather it's a gender-friendly task which can be made more easy by working together.  

P.S: I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel. Thanks to my colleagues who gave me consent to publish this story! :P

08 January 2015

Just Smiles

As I had told in my previous post I was kind of a loner kid and I found happiness in the company of all the things around me; both living and non-living. People used to laugh at me when I happened to tell them that I talk to ants, plants and other beings which live in our world and lead a very different life style. May be as a kid I was imagining those then. Oopz! This is not what I was about to tell. I am here with another story.

Yes, I used to suffer from sinusitis and frequently had check ups. But my condition was the same. One day things seemed like everything was cured and after few days again I fell sick. It was at that time a new doctor came to our place and soon I booked an appointment.

After suffocating in the rush crowd, I happened to get in when my token was called out.  The doctor smiled at me. I didn't smile back; I remember. He started asking about my personal details (like where I studied, my grade, my ambition etc.) and then the details of my illness. After answering many questions, I became uninterested answering. So I started looking at my Dad and Mom, thinking they would answer the rest of the questions.

Two-three times I went to the doctor. He was so patient and well spoken in nature that I started feeling like I was visiting some family friend’s place. One day he asked me while I was smiling so miserly, “Aishu, you are such a miser to smile. Smile heart fully whenever you can. I would recommend it always. All your illness will vanish.”  I am not sure if he told it seriously or not but I started smiling afterwards!!! 

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Image Credits: Pixabay