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18 January 2015

That's no fun

When someone called me from Blogadda telling there’s an activity running on it called, “Is laundry only a woman's job?” and if I would like to participate, the first thing that came to my mind was an incident that irritated me the most. I have been thinking about writing about it and now by seeing the statistics by AC Nielsen, I think I should write about it since it proved right from my experience.

I have always felt some kind of (sometimes passive)gender bias everywhere except my home. But when I came to know that women are treated in equal even at their home I felt really bad. I was once traveling with my colleagues and while chit chatting, one guy asked everyone which washing machine is better within his budget which he specified. He continued telling that his sister got married and his mom is all alone so he don't want her to do his works too and so he wanted to buy a washing machine since it would at least lessen her laundry work at home. Spontaneously, the other guys who were already married gave him a suggestion,hearing which I was all shocked. And their suggestion was, “ If laundry is your problem,why do you need a washing machine ? You just get married know?. Then the girl will do not only the laundries but all your house hold chores too. He He! Even if there are machines it's women who need to use it. See our dresses are washed and ironed by our wives. We never wash our clothes!”

Their wives wash and iron for them coz they consider their husbands work as their own and do it out of love and not because that women are born for doing laundries and other house hold works. Men who eat in plates can wash it themselves and one who wear clothes can wash and iron it for themselves. As the survey reports most men consider it as women's work and 77%  of Indian men depend on women for doing the laundry and then boast themselves being independent. How  ridiculous!!!

Ariel’s survey conducted by AC Nielsen

I think it's women's fault too. At home by sharing our work not only lessen our household burden but also we are giving an opportunity for men to know how nice it would be to do their little tasks and being independent at household tasks. It will be the best understanding they can do to their office going wives. And if she is a home-maker too, she can do lot many creative things to cherish herself rather than getting buried under all these house hold activities and responsibilities if all those can be shared, at least a little. Doing one's own laundry or doing it for your loved one is not a thing that diminishes your quality or prestige. It's something commendable. Isn't it? And it's definitely not a  task that requires a women's inborn abilities or  is a women-only activity, rather it's a gender-friendly task which can be made more easy by working together.  

P.S: I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel. Thanks to my colleagues who gave me consent to publish this story! :P

08 January 2015

Just Smiles

As I had told in my previous post I was kind of a loner kid and I found happiness in the company of all the things around me; both living and non-living. People used to laugh at me when I happened to tell them that I talk to ants, plants and other beings which live in our world and lead a very different life style. May be as a kid I was imagining those then. Oopz! This is not what I was about to tell. I am here with another story.

Yes, I used to suffer from sinusitis and frequently had check ups. But my condition was the same. One day things seemed like everything was cured and after few days again I fell sick. It was at that time a new doctor came to our place and soon I booked an appointment.

After suffocating in the rush crowd, I happened to get in when my token was called out.  The doctor smiled at me. I didn't smile back; I remember. He started asking about my personal details (like where I studied, my grade, my ambition etc.) and then the details of my illness. After answering many questions, I became uninterested answering. So I started looking at my Dad and Mom, thinking they would answer the rest of the questions.

Two-three times I went to the doctor. He was so patient and well spoken in nature that I started feeling like I was visiting some family friend’s place. One day he asked me while I was smiling so miserly, “Aishu, you are such a miser to smile. Smile heart fully whenever you can. I would recommend it always. All your illness will vanish.”  I am not sure if he told it seriously or not but I started smiling afterwards!!! 

I am not an introvert now. Someone did a wonder. Read that story here.

Image Credits: Pixabay