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The Little Blessing

It’s been a while now, that I am in friendship with her; the little cute Tulasi plant  (holy Basel ) . I happened to notice her during a summer where we were suffering from the kind of drought which I never had experienced before. We had to fetch water and take it to our house. Thank God, for the big office cab we had! We were praying to the rain god to shower life on us! Everything was dried out; plants and grasses were already dead and only big trees survived. I was always taught to worship Tulasi.  Apart from that I always had a special affection and love for her. She gave me the first-aid to a centipede’s bite which I had to go though, many times in my life and many a time as a relief to my breathing problem when I get cold. There’s no disease that she couldn't cure and she always blessed me with her magical cure whenever I wanted. As you know, she is the best home remedy for anything and everything. Now seeing a little Tulasi plant gett

Here's the reason why!

Many are asking me why I am not relocating my work life from Kozhikode. And it’s a question I also thought about some time ago. And once; two years before to be exact, I stepped out of this location (it’s a techno/ industrial park) in search of a new place. I was actually fed up with the work life here. I believe in all those cosmic powers that got me back to the same place but in a different company which made me change all my beliefs about this particular sector where there are so many companies working more or less in the same style and work culture. I was so disappointed about how employees are valued & treated and how their talents are utilized. I believe that it's the employees who makes a company and so their happiness matters a lot.  I should say that the current company where I work at has all those I wished for or anyone like me (who doesn't have that luxury of going home daily after work) wishes for; be it accommodation, cook,