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Many are asking me why I am not relocating my work life from Kozhikode. And it’s a question I also thought about some time ago. And once; two years before to be exact, I stepped out of this location (it’s a techno/ industrial park) in search of a new place. I was actually fed up with the work life here. I believe in all those cosmic powers that got me back to the same place but in a different company which made me change all my beliefs about this particular sector where there are so many companies working more or less in the same style and work culture. I was so disappointed about how employees are valued & treated and how their talents are utilized. I believe that it's the employees who makes a company and so their happiness matters a lot. 

I should say that the current company where I work at has all those I wished for or anyone like me (who doesn't have that luxury of going home daily after work) wishes for; be it accommodation, cook, cab and so on. Also it is employee friendly with a liberal (not very liberal) office atmosphere. The funniest part is that everyone here is a foodie and I like those (I’m not a foodie though :P) treat- time/fun time too. My college-mates and some former colleagues keep on asking me if I’m still working in the the same place, though I changed my previous company and why I’m not ready to shift to the metros for better opportunities. I never understood what they actually meant when they say it out of sympathy. Of course metros give good career options and better payment, I agree.  

But what if I am in love with the place? I was that kind of a person who likes travelling a lot. But when I was a kid, I didn't get that opportunity to do that except during my school or college vacations. I was not that familiar with this place too; the lovely Kozhikode, though I had been making visits. When I started working here I had no idea where to shop, where to dine, from where to catch a  bus to a particular location, which hospital to go and many other things. I was but lucky! I got many friends who reside here and I started exploring the place with them. The more I explored, the more I liked. Now I too have my favorite shops, restaurants, theater etc. though there is lot more to explore.

Changes are but inevitable and I know I would leave this place and people some day. When I quit my first company, I missed only my friends but this time I’m sure that I will be missing the whole office and even the tiniest thing here that makes me smile. I just love my work and everything that matters to my work and living! And yeah, I will be here for some more time, hopefully!

P.S: My opinions expressed here are strictly confined to SMEs in Kozhikode.

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  1. I really like reading your blog. And about this post, I felt that you are sharing your concerns why you work/stay in Calicut. I too from Calicut. But I would like to say that, working in different places gives you an opportunity to experience different cultures (Not about Salary / career growth) and how to deals with it.

    1. Thanks for posting your opinion Jathin! Happy to know that you are from Kozhikode. And yes, I agree with your point that working in different places gives us new experiences. I said I'm in love with the place and life is not monotonous here now to think about shifting! :)


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