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Up above

I was somewhat sleepy by the time we reached there though it was beforenoon. It was so sunny that without my sunglass I couldn't clearly see anothing; my eyelids were flickering.  But the breeze was fully loaded with moisture. There were so many goats and sheep grazing in the grass. When they saw us they took a pause from their sumptuous ritual. Another small cute island like place was found adjoining the dam area, surrounded by the water reservoir.    It looked like an abandoned park. Here’s a picture from that venue. When I climbed those steps, I felt like “I'm reaching near the clouds”, but a few steps were missing!!! When I looked back, the clouds were rushing near, as if they had to attend some guest. It was so beautiful to watch the surroundings from up above the steps that I didn't feel like coming down! We had a good time there and by the time we visited other more attractive places we happened to forget this smal