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Writing Soothes

Writing is my job, it's my passion and it's my hobby. I find solace in writing down my thoughts roaming inside my head or else they would intrude my peaceful living which is more spiritual and imaginative inside. It is rather a cathartic act that eases me up and when everything is written down, it is peace inside out. It has been like this, since the time I could quilt words and frame sentences.  But then, it was rather a secret process, where I would hide my notes away from the sight and side of others.  It’s not easy to filter out the zillions of thoughts bubbling out of the slowly flowing emotions. Sometimes there can be wonderful ideas which need the ultimate attention and care. If I am not turning down the not so serious kind of ideas, the ones that should be churned out will get mixed up and you know what will happen; I would lose them forever or me, myself, would need to do a rescue mission out of the total chaos to rediscover them!  I k