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My Onam........@Office

I am scribbling this from office. It’s time to pack up and rush back home. But I have no plans to leave without finishing this post. Everyone is busy discussing about our plans to celebrate Onam , yes office celebrations. But something is disturbing me inside. What’s it? Sometimes even I won’t be able to answer these questions! Onam is of course something auspicious which energizes the spirit. Scrumptious it is in every aspect and I love the way it delights my taste buds with that pure taste of Kerala. And I love the way I eagerly wait for Mahabali , yes I didn't lose that childlike spirit to believe, trust and learn from stories and also to be happy & excited at the news that someone I knew only from stories is all his way to visit me. But these are all something which I can connect with Onam at home. Onam celebration actually start from office which will be conducted one or two days before Tiruvonam and from then we will be in full vigor