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I am scribbling this from office. It’s time to pack up and rush back home. But I have no plans to leave without finishing this post. Everyone is busy discussing about our plans to celebrate Onam, yes office celebrations. But something is disturbing me inside. What’s it? Sometimes even I won’t be able to answer these questions!

Onam is of course something auspicious which energizes the spirit. Scrumptious it is in every aspect and I love the way it delights my taste buds with that pure taste of Kerala. And I love the way I eagerly wait for Mahabali, yes I didn't lose that childlike spirit to believe, trust and learn from stories and also to be happy & excited at the news that someone I knew only from stories is all his way to visit me. But these are all something which I can connect with Onam at home. Onam celebration actually start from office which will be conducted one or two days before Tiruvonam and from then we will be in full vigor to celebrate.

Office Onams are also good, sometimes not so good and some other times the best. I had been through all these types. Now what makes me feel little bad are those memories! I have in a corner of my mind the memories of an Onam, the one I celebrated with all my heart. Even today I brag about it whenever I get a chance to; such a lovely one! ;) The speciality of that Onam and the related office celebrations was the presence of one of my besties. Oh! I can’t forget those days, where I would go and stay at her home to get my Kerala traditional saree draped by her Mom so beautifully. Now I should confess that I didn’t know draping a saree, but I liked it done by my Mom or someone for me. As I have told before I was living in hostels and it was difficult for me to think about getting those draped by someone there, getting to office by hoping rather than walking, getting into those super rush buses full of people who would be on their way to celebrate equally uneasy like me and then finally getting to office with a face so perplexed thinking “Hoo… I am not comfortable in this stiff two piece(set mundu)”. Without my bestie, those days would never have been golden! With her I was super duper comfortable and her Mom had always ensured if I looked neat and beautiful. I have heard somewhere draping a Sari is an art and this aunty (my bestie’s Mom) scores full marks in that.

I miss those days. And I don’t think another office celebration can beat it off and win my heart. But still I will be celebrating Onam this time also. Tomorrow we will have our celebration. May be it would not be the best but I want it to be a good one. What do you think? I will keep you updated with my stories after Onam.

Started your celebrations? I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Onam!


  1. There is no more Onam like it used to be :(

    Happy Onam! :)

    1. Thank you Teny! Yes you are right. But this time was not that bad too. :)

  2. Happy Onam to you, wished for some pictures too :)

    1. Thank you Shweta! Okay will try to post some soon. :)


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