Foggy Tale

I like poetic tales. Do you like too? Here’s a story I tried scribbling. Hope you would like it. :)

The cold morning breeze,
And the quiver in my voice,
Wanted you to lend a warm cuddle.
Before you could offer one,
I was but dragged away,
By the blind folding fog,
From all those trails,
That leaded to you.

Later, when the breeze,
Whispered your name in my ears,
I was standing alone,
With a fear hitherto unknown.
Soon I started listening,
To each of the voices,
Of those natural powers,
That revealed the short cuts to your smile.
And... All smiles!

Credits: Chris Sardegna


  1. Feel like something is hidden.. Or I may not get the right meaning..

    1. Jithin, you are free to imagine. The story will take form according to what the reader understands! :)


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