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Rediscovering Kozhikode- Pazhassi Raja Museum

It’s always an enlivening experience rediscovering history, finding the stories behind, going through the singular materials once owned by people like us; of those who has owned a name for themselves and those of the common man who has gone through gains and pains, unfortunately not leaving a distinguishable name behind for us to rant about apart from their material possessions for us to glance through. Sharing here such an experience. I had blogged about my love for Kozhikode and my weekly routine of rushing home after office. I rarely get time to take a pause and roam about in the city, rediscovering the happiness and curiosity. My new year activities started up on a slow pace and the first place I visited was Pazhassi Raja Archaeological Museum and Krishna Menon Art Gallery. It's been a long time I was longing to go there. When I asked some people about this place, nobody knew about it that well, it’s obvious that not much information is available online too, except the old