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14 February 2016

True Drops

I looked all over the grass bunches; on the leaves and near the shoot, for the morning dew drop which then slipped through my fingertips. Where did it go?

Yes, the final destination should be the wet soil that is to enrich the soul of a living being. But before that it should cling somewhere, reflecting the beauty of the “just woken up” tiny greens. And then, I saw it moving slowly; from the tip of a leaf it slithered to the next leaf and finally into the stomach of a tiny plant. In that small dew drop, there is a part of the sun, a part of the ocean, smiles and tears as in any life. And now, it has served its purpose and will be back again in some form to continue the never ending journey of birth and death. 

Hope you would like this analogy too! 

Image Credits: Pixabay


  1. Wow! Amazing depiction, Aiswarya. Superlike it :)

  2. This is awesome work....you are good at it!

  3. I wish I was just like that drop where such changes in form and uses happen so easily. I love your comparison

    1. Thank You! Let your life be beautiful like a dew drop! :)


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