Letting It Go

It sucks like anything when you get irritated with the worse than the worst emotions or behaviour from someone. Don’t you? At times, you would have to experience the heaven and hell at the same place, sometimes you would be a friend and a stranger to the same person(s). Time has its own surprises. There’s a reason for every reaction you make. But which would you choose; your inner self or sacrifice its voice to please someone?  And again at times the whole world says you are wrong, but you would still have to bear with yourself and your intuitions. And then, you should be able to hope that the truth will come out to reveal itself, someday and finally letting it go. My words seem a little philosophical, ah? :) I am struck by something and a little hurt too.  But spilling those thoughts and emotions here on my blog has its cathartic effect, as I had previously blogged about. And these quotes seem well soothing.

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