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18 May 2016

The Bearded

Seeing his long messy beard,
I always doubted,
If gravitation has an upward pull too,
Or else how has it grown in a direction so opposite!!!

Picture Credits: Pixabay

13 May 2016


When the flickering lamp blinded my eyes,
With  its beams so intense and bright,
I know how it feels;
To have all the courage,
But no weapon to fight and defeat.
Light is mightier than anything!

Picture Credits: Pixabay

03 May 2016

Rediscovering Kozhikode - Kappad

It's bliss to stand there and embrace the sun like a little lotus.  And the picture says it all! Whenever I pave a visit to Kappad beach, words keep flowing out from my heart. Here's one scribbling. 

At Kappad beach

I stand near the sea, hours so countless
And never got tired waiting,
For his zillion smiles at dawn and throughout.

Moon has proposed me a thousand times,
But I lost my heart to the sun.

The sea is the limit and witness;
Of my sighs and smiles, and of my hopes and worries.

Each time I stand by her side,
She pacifies me with her songs, so magical,
That can revive one from life and death.

Picture Credits: Anusree (for capturing the moment) and Mredul C.K (for editing it beautifully).