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Office Farewell Day

And finally, I am prepared to move. This place belonged to me once! Four years before, like a fish in a new pond, I struggled to breathe when I joined here though I strived and survived later. The beauty and comfort here had once stopped me from going. As I had told before there’s some kismet connection between us. But I can’t make excuses, karma is calling, though I find it hard to say goodbye.  I smiled, I laughed, I disagreed, I screamed, I fought, I hugged and I stood for what I believed in and now, a farewell.  But the worst thing is missing the people here! Image Source: Pixabay


The day has finally come, To take off the monotony,  From her smileless face, To burst into laughter!

Stars In Your Eyes

I saw silver slivers of the moon, Falling on your face, On that bright and cheery night. I was confused; To listen and nod at you,  Or to stare at the glimmering stars in your eyes! If you liked this poem please do spread by sharing!

My Self

Yesterday was just another day;I saw myself busy collecting, All those shattered being of mine, And acting even busier,Uniting and befriending with myself again, Still denying not a chance to repeat the process. If you liked this poem please do spread by sharing!


She was not angry, She was but sad.She was not mad at anyone,She was but crushing her agony.And silence was the only weapon, She thought she could operate flawlessly. If you liked this poem do share!