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31 August 2016

Rediscovering Kozhikode - Chombala Harbour

At Chombala harbour

"A fairy went a-marketing, She bought a little fish...". Do you remember this poem? :) I went to buy fishes too!

It was my first time visit to Chombala fishing harbor, Kozhikode District, though it's somewhat near to my home town. The harbor is located between Vadakara and Mahe. Being a pescetarian, I was delighted to watch how the freshly caught seafood is treated. When I reached there, the spot was already crowded. A lot of people were waiting for the trawlers to arrive and unload their fish and the fishermen were in high spirits to show off their catch of the day.

People waiting

Mackerels, Mackerels everywhere! It was a day of Mackerels though many other fishes were found in the harbor market. I could see fishermen lifting  carts full of fishes and transferring it to ice boxes to send it to the market outside from where it is delivered to hundreds of people everyday . It's actually very cheap to buy fishes from here.


Bargains progressed and sales were made even as more and more boats gently floated up and from the depths of the vessels, huge catches of fish shoveled out. People began running towards it with small baskets and plastic crates and filled it hastily; which are then passed on to the salesmen on the harbor. They sell these fresh goods according to the ongoing bargains and the activity went on until all the goods are taken up by the middle men or customers. 

Fishing Boats

I saw lot many people buying fish for their household who were pleased to get them at such a reasonable rate. So  did we and got a basket full of mackerel on a good bargain. While the sun was high and hot we left the place thinking about the recipes to be tried. 

26 August 2016


Sometimes I can feel how happiness grows, From the heart to the eyes,
And how it blossoms as smiles, Giving out even more happiness. 

25 August 2016

A Book To Soothe

I have been busy all these days though I took a break from my work life. But I missed this space and my folks here, who keep visiting tirelessly since I couldn't concentrate on any of the things coz of my nervous and wandering mind. And then I wanted to distract my mind and keep all the thoughts and worries at bay. As usual I needed getting buried in a book and follow the life of those characters. And for now, I want a simple and sweet story that can keep me hooked. Hope The DEViant would serve the purpose.

It's the debut novel by Shankar S. Padmanaban which starts from the climax of the story. I easily got obsessed with finding out the previous happenings that led to the climax. Now I am half way through the book. Let's see how it goes! I would be soon posting a review. :) Stay tuned!

Image Source: Pixabay