A Book To Soothe

I have been busy all these days though I took a break from my work life. But I missed this space and my folks here, who keep visiting tirelessly since I couldn't concentrate on any of the things coz of my nervous and wandering mind. And then I wanted to distract my mind and keep all the thoughts and worries at bay. As usual I needed getting buried in a book and follow the life of those characters. And for now, I want a simple and sweet story that can keep me hooked. Hope The DEViant would serve the purpose.

It's the debut novel by Shankar S. Padmanaban which starts from the climax of the story. I easily got obsessed with finding out the previous happenings that led to the climax. Now I am half way through the book. Let's see how it goes! I would be soon posting a review. :) Stay tuned!

Image Source: Pixabay


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