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The Bridal Story

It’s been sometime since I made an update. I was thinking of posting something all these time but was too busy and exhausted to concentrate.  The biggest news I want to share with you is about the most discussed topic here; my wedding. Hope you guessed! :). Yes,  I got married. It was just few days before Onam, that my relationship status changed from single to married. I finally met the one I searched for* , pulling aside everything that got in between us!  Wedding Roses               But my journey was not that easy; becoming a bride and accepting that fact was a little difficult for me. Above all I strove to prepare myself to give up the little luxury that I had; the princess status that I have been enjoying all these years at home and I know I would miss that every day.  But yes, I enjoyed the fun side too in being a bride; that special onetime experience in life.  Life flows and flows and now the challenge is to  resolve those inner conflicts, the new phase