The Bridal Story

It’s been sometime since I made an update. I was thinking of posting something all these time but was too busy and exhausted to concentrate. 

The biggest news I want to share with you is about the most discussed topic here; my wedding. Hope you guessed! :). Yes,  I got married. It was just few days before Onam, that my relationship status changed from single to married. I finally met the one I searched for*, pulling aside everything that got in between us! 

Wedding Roses
But my journey was not that easy; becoming a bride and accepting that fact was a little difficult for me. Above all I strove to prepare myself to give up the little luxury that I had; the princess status that I have been enjoying all these years at home and I know I would miss that every day.  But yes, I enjoyed the fun side too in being a bride; that special onetime experience in life. 

Life flows and flows and now the challenge is to  resolve those inner conflicts, the new phase of life has brought in. So the new story begins here. I am away from my parents, home and far away from the place where I am rooted. And may be the impacts these made would get reflected in my posts too. I can't explain how soothing it is to pour  out my thoughts on this very own space of mine. Hope I can be consistent, sharing my stories.

*hopefully :D


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