Beeping Memories

"Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories."
--Steven Wright

True that! When I happened to browse through the collection of photos of my office tour that took place a couple of years back, I could feel that nostalgic smile on my face! Recollecting the incidents made me laugh though I am far away from the people, place and time! And time has changed us all; we are in no way the same people anymore, belonging to different worlds! Good changes! :) 

Memory beeps

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  1. The good thing about memories is that it packs lot of good moments in minuscule packs

    1. Ya Sumandeb, true! And photographs act as memory prompts! :)

  2. I appreciate your thought and I also do the same from time to time (seeing old photos in the albums). Times change. We change. However the nostalgia doesn't.


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