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Half Girlfriend - My Version

“Half “is not a word to define love coz love is something which blooms out full. We can feel it when it happens. But what made him my half boyfriend is the journey which we started together but stopped half way. When we had only half way to go, something happened all of a sudden from nowhere, which changed our fate and ended that relationship.  It was like standing at the beach, so relaxed, when I was with him over the phone on the other side; I talked and talked until I uttered even the last word I wanted to tell him. And then I felt great when he listened and understood completely what I shared. When did I meet him? I don’t remember the exact date and time but yes, it was during one of the Onam celebrations during a time when I was busy with my studies. I don’t know what made me feel so good about him but I could feel the freshness of dawn in him, whenever we met.  Time just flew by and we were more than friends, so comfortable with each other. Since he had seniori