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The Great Banyan Story

I was away from my blog for long four months and I finally did break the silence on 27th April! Each day I was postponing to write and even if I wrote I was reluctant to post. I was fully occupied by thoughts and missed sharing my stories. And finally I am here and need to be hooked here for the coming days. I don't want to be anymore away from blogging! Yesterday when I saw a banyan tree, I thought of sharing this post.  Unlike my past New Year celebrations which was normally celebrated with my family or colleagues, this New Year started from near a banyan tree in Kochi, far away from my home town, with some new acquaintances. I can't say it was great but as I said it was way too different; the people, the attitude, the mystery, the odd feeling,  the sea, the crowd and everything. Though I was trying to create smile on my face, I was going through pain and dilemma. I didn't know what to do but I was not ready to lose. I fought not only with my emotions but with