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30 November 2022

Some Ecofriendly Planting and Ecofriendly Planters

I have liked plants a lot, even since my childhood. Then there were few planters available apart from the regular pots made of clay. Like any child, I, too, liked watering plants and planting them in pots. I could even make a small section in our garden full of cosmos. I planted the seeds by collecting them from the flowers we used for making our Onam pookalams. I thought of making a particular part of our little garden dedicated to the cosmos alone. And it came out well too. 

When I moved to the city, I tried planting some plants and veggies in plant pots. But I always look for sustainable and eco-friendly options. Love for plants is the love for nature. We should shower some love on our planet by planting a plant, at least a tree, if there is space. 

I have done a video on Instagram trying to add some eco-friendly beauties to my sister's balcony garden. Please have a quick watch if you like bamboo and ceramic planters. 


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24 November 2022

A Healthy & Sustainable Journey

I have been conscious about my life choices nowadays, the personal care products, dresses, and food products I use & how I handle their disposal after the usage. I try to stick on to healthier food options too. I am not very strict about buying from sustainable fashion brands that comes with ethical labels. One of the reasons is that these days, ethical brands have become more expensive than ever before! Sustainability should not mean expensive right? If so everyone won't be able to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. I have done my research and have found out a few affordable ones too. But what I always try to do is to make mindful decisions, trying to know about the product, what goes into it, etc. I make use of the things, which I already own, to the best to ease my sustainable journey.

I was brought up amidst the lush greens, away from the hustle and bustle and pollution. There exists a nature-friendly place in Kozhikode where my home is located. The houses there are not very close as in cities and lands are spacious. People dispose of biodegradable waste in their own lands and send the non biodegradable waste to recycling units. When I moved to the city, managing waste, segregating it in the smallest of spaces was difficult at first. I sometimes missed the comfort that I enjoyed back at home. But once I got used to it, I began to introspect and started applying it little by little in my life making the process more organized.

I am thinking of capturing some highlights of my healthy and sustainable journey here. What do you say? 

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17 November 2022

Iam A Child Again Reading Kids Books


I can remember some moments from my childhood and something I cannot. Like any other person, I always have some memories that stick to my mind, the way I learned alphabets, the stories I listened to as a child, the rhymes I learned and my parents recorded them and playing those to me, my childhood friends and many more. Like you I too have learned so many things as a child and and all along my life.

Now after becoming a mother, I actually wonder if I have studied any of these that my child is learning. The way he is learning is different, the kind of books are different too. It is fun! And like him, I am also able to enjoy all of these. What I like the most is reading him books. I never knew that there exists many wonderful books for babies and kids, until my baby came to my life! I got to read many new children's books and authors. They all have wonderful illustrations too unlike the books meant for adults. I feel like a child again when I got through them and to my surprise, I have learned a few new things too. For example, I didn't know the names of many birds and vehicles before. 

I am enjoying my new thoughts and learnings! I also enjoy visiting bookshop with my child that have varieties of children's books. I searched for some libraries also for some good baby books and toddler books, but I couldn't locate one that interested me. The best thing is that now I know more about babies and toddler books like never before. 

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16 November 2022

Something More On Etham Movie

The first time you do something, it is always exciting right? I had never waited for a movie before, not even Bahubali 2! 🙂Yes, I like Bahubali. 

It was the first time I was watching a movie, the first day, the first show! And someone captured by feedback too! Can you see me in the thumbnail?

Also this is the first time I am blogging a  malayalam movie review. Ya, I posted about it last time also, the movie Etham! I have been getting information about various aspects of the movie for about three years. And finally the wait is over and the movie is in cinemas!

Nowadays I am not that active on my blog, not because I don't have time writing, but wanted something I felt like sharing. Etham, the movie is special for me so thought of sharing my review

Lot of things happened when I was away from Beeps in the Mind- lot of thoughts, lot of reading not that much of a writing though. My favorite blog sharing platform, Indiblogger also changed a lot and recently did I know about this. 

Recently I am on Instagram. Though not active, I tried Youtube also. It is of course nice but may be since I like blogging platforms, especially, Blogger a lot, and I like typing long sentences at one go, I missed this space a lot. Hoping to restart blogging may with a different subject! Please check my Instagram also. I am sharing my thoughts there also.

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11 November 2022

Etham Movie: Review (Malayalam Movie/2022 Release)

Etham is the malayalam movie released in November 2022. Here is my review about Etham! 
What is this malayalam movie about? 
Etham is an engaging movie that takes you through the life of an artist, Pradeep, and a dancer, Anita who meet each other at an arts college. The movie's story is campus love set in the 90s which slowly paces to a crime thriller. All the characters were portrayed well especially, artist JR Bose by Prakash Bare, Sadananthan, the doctor, Mahesh, and everyone. What I liked most in Etham are the characters of a charming Anita and the exceptionally talented and sweet Pradeep. The charismatic next-door girl, Sravana TN, and the always-smiling Sidharth Rajan were apt for the roles.  
The movie highlights:
Etham has some eventful glimpses of festivals, art forms, drama, songs, poems, and sculpture. The cinematography gives the film an artistic tone as if in a painting with subtle shades. The music and lyrics were also good. The excellent direction gives the movie another dimension and makes Etham a delight to watch without a moment of boredom or disinterest, which is generally not expected from a debut director. The director (whom I know in person) was also seen handling multiple positions and excelling in each of them.  Etham, the film is more of a package of many things that depicts the life, thoughts, systems, cultures, and egos that existed in the nineties and how people had to react, sacrifice, adjust, and pretend but still live their lives. 

Congrats to team Etham!

etham malayalam movie 2022 review

Etham is in cinemas now, it would be a wonderful watch! If you are eager to listen to the songs from the movie, here is it!