A Healthy & Sustainable Journey

I have been conscious about my life choices nowadays, the personal care products, dresses, and food products I use & how I handle their disposal after the usage. I try to stick on to healthier food options too. I am not very strict about buying from sustainable fashion brands that comes with ethical labels. One of the reasons is that these days, ethical brands have become more expensive than ever before! Sustainability should not mean expensive right? If so everyone won't be able to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. I have done my research and have found out a few affordable ones too. But what I always try to do is to make mindful decisions, trying to know about the product, what goes into it, etc. I make use of the things, which I already own, to the best to ease my sustainable journey.

I was brought up amidst the lush greens, away from the hustle and bustle and pollution. There exists a nature-friendly place in Kozhikode where my home is located. The houses there are not very close as in cities and lands are spacious. People dispose of biodegradable waste in their own lands and send the non biodegradable waste to recycling units. When I moved to the city, managing waste, segregating it in the smallest of spaces was difficult at first. I sometimes missed the comfort that I enjoyed back at home. But once I got used to it, I began to introspect and started applying it little by little in my life making the process more organized.

I am thinking of capturing some highlights of my healthy and sustainable journey here. What do you say? 

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