Iam A Child Again Reading Kids Books


I can remember some moments from my childhood and something I cannot. Like any other person, I always have some memories that stick to my mind, the way I learned alphabets, the stories I listened to as a child, the rhymes I learned and my parents recorded them and playing those to me, my childhood friends and many more. Like you I too have learned so many things as a child and and all along my life.

Now after becoming a mother, I actually wonder if I have studied any of these that my child is learning. The way he is learning is different, the kind of books are different too. It is fun! And like him, I am also able to enjoy all of these. What I like the most is reading him books. I never knew that there exists many wonderful books for babies and kids, until my baby came to my life! I got to read many new children's books and authors. They all have wonderful illustrations too unlike the books meant for adults. I feel like a child again when I got through them and to my surprise, I have learned a few new things too. For example, I didn't know the names of many birds and vehicles before. 

I am enjoying my new thoughts and learnings! I also enjoy visiting bookshop with my child that have varieties of children's books. I searched for some libraries also for some good baby books and toddler books, but I couldn't locate one that interested me. The best thing is that now I know more about babies and toddler books like never before. 

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