Etham Movie: Review (Malayalam Movie/2022 Release)

Etham is the malayalam movie released in November 2022. Here is my review about Etham! 
What is this malayalam movie about? 
Etham is an engaging movie that takes you through the life of an artist, Pradeep, and a dancer, Anita who meet each other at an arts college. The movie's story is campus love set in the 90s which slowly paces to a crime thriller. All the characters were portrayed well especially, artist JR Bose by Prakash Bare, Sadananthan, the doctor, Mahesh, and everyone. What I liked most in Etham are the characters of a charming Anita and the exceptionally talented and sweet Pradeep. The charismatic next-door girl, Sravana TN, and the always-smiling Sidharth Rajan were apt for the roles.  
The movie highlights:
Etham has some eventful glimpses of festivals, art forms, drama, songs, poems, and sculpture. The cinematography gives the film an artistic tone as if in a painting with subtle shades. The music and lyrics were also good. The excellent direction gives the movie another dimension and makes Etham a delight to watch without a moment of boredom or disinterest, which is generally not expected from a debut director. The director (whom I know in person) was also seen handling multiple positions and excelling in each of them.  Etham, the film is more of a package of many things that depicts the life, thoughts, systems, cultures, and egos that existed in the nineties and how people had to react, sacrifice, adjust, and pretend but still live their lives. 

Congrats to team Etham!

etham malayalam movie 2022 review

Etham is in cinemas now, it would be a wonderful watch!



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